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A single, flexible and scalable warehouse management solution for all warehouse sizes, deployed in either the cloud or on premise.

The market leading warehouse management solution.

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Reduce your admin with paperless warehouse operations, real-time work direction and up to 99.9% stock and order accuracy - avoiding costly errors.


Benefit from data-driven optimised workflows, including directed putaway, task interleaving, slotting logic and labour management.


Integrate your warehouse management software with your enterprise resource planning software, your ecommerce website, chosen marketplace, suppliers and customers.


Adjust the functionality to suit your operation and to achieve continuous improvement - all done internally, without relying on a software partner to adapt your system.


Real time, actionable analytics that improve forecasting and optimise operations for improved productivity and efficiency.


At Balloon One, the K.Motion warehouse management system (WMS) will ensure that your business supply chain runs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Korber enables companies to optimise warehouse processes for multiple industries: 

Pharmaceutical Food Services E-Commerce Consumer Goods Electronics Retail

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A powerful, scalable and flexible system.

K.Motion WMS dynamically manages inventory positioning and stock movements based on the requirements of the operation. Products are positioned and handled according to a variety of criteria, such as: sales volume, product dimensions, the need to consolidate with other stock, FIFO – or your own individual requirements.

K.Motion WMS optimises the level of stock you hold in the warehouse by minimising out of stock situations and maximising sales using advanced replenishment, which employs adaptable forecasting to ensure that you can effectively stock, reorder and replenish items in an optimal way.

K.Motion introduces task interleaving to improve operational efficiency, by combining different tasks and interleaving them on a single trip within the warehouse.

If your operation is seasonal, you can tackle short-term increased labour requirements and plan better for peak demand. K.Motion WMS helps you to predict demand spikes so that you can arrange temporary labour in good time and it’s easy to use interface means that new staff become productive quickly.

Designed to handle multiple requirements within a single platform, K.Motion WMS can manage mixed Retail and E-Commerce fulfillment operations simultaneously.

Balancing the requirements of E-Commerce and retail fulfillment, K.Motion WMS will streamline your warehouse picking and packing, using the system to prioritise your orders and adjust the positioning of products within your warehouse.

Switching between multiple picking routines, such as – cluster picking, zone picking, batch picking or wave picking, K.Motion WMS can automate and optimise your warehouse workflows.


What our customers say.

"Balloon were fantastic through the implementation and helped us to achieve all of the targets and deadlines set."
The Gro Company
Upgrading from a paper-based system. K.Motion WMS helped the company achieve a 10-15% reduction in cost per transaction.
CMS Distribution
"Whatever you want, whatever issue you have, balloon will always find the right solution."

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K.Motion WMS integrates with many more ERP Systems.

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