Case Study: Jellycat gets integrated ERP and WMS.

Jellycat is benefiting from seamless integration of its SAP Business One software with its Accellos wireless warehouse management system (now known as K.Motion WMS) from Balloon One. The system has revolutionized Jellycat’s warehouse operation, eliminating data duplication and paper documentation and by providing accurate stock management. The integration between the two software applications provides full visibility of information across the business and has reduced administration time significantly, enabling Jellycat to recoup the cost of the system within one year.

“The system is very easy to use, with intuitive interface that display orders on screen and allows the operators to take charge of their workload” – Jellycat

The benefits.

“Accellos has significantly reduced the amount of time spent on back office administrative duties as well as improving efficiency in warehouse operations. This has meant we have been able to re-assign staff from administrative functions to revenue generating functions, which has significantly reduced the need to bring in agency staff to meet demand at the warehouse during the busy seasonal peaks. These administrative savings have easily justified the capital expenditure within the first year,” said Danny Olive, Finance Director, Jellycat. “However, more importantly, we now have a system which allows us to handle much increased capacity, and gives us confidence that we have the systems in place to support our growth as a business.”

“Prior to our implementation, Balloon One took the time to carefully assess our particular requirements, resulting in a system that was customised to meet our needs. The team also provided carefully planned end user training. This meant we were able to see the benefits of the system immediately from day one,” he added.

Jellycat’s WMS uses Motorola hand held computers with integrated bar code scanners that interact with the system using radio frequency communications. These hand held devices enable fast and accurate receipt and placement of incoming goods as well as provide rapid error-free order picking, which speeds up order fulfilment.

Customer orders are entered into the back office system and the information is sent automatically to the WMS. The system knows whether the items are in stock or need replenishing. If the products are available, it sends picking information directly to the hand helds and guides the warehouse operators to the stock locations.

“The integration of Accellos with our SAP system gives us much better control of our sales and order fulfilment processes. With bar code scanning recording all stock movements, we know exactly what we hold in the warehouse at all times. This visibility allows us to process orders quicker and our customers have commented that they appreciate the swift services. The system also allows cycle counting should we find any discrepancies – so instead of having to run a traditional annual stock take, we can resolve problems as and when necessary,” says Danny Olive.

Time saving and accuracy.

Jellycat’s warehouse team also recognise the time saving and accuracy benefits of the paperless integrated system.

“The warehouse team is very happy with the system. It is very easy to use, with an intuitive interface that display orders on screen and allows the operators to take charge of their workload. The system allows better communication between the sales office and the warehouse. For example, we can notify the team of any special requirements such as urgent orders directly from the back office system – it also allows us to send information straight to the pickers on the hand helds,” says William Gatacre, Chief Executive, Jellycat.

Jellycat and Balloon One are working on linking the WMS to Jellycat’s parcel carrier’s system. This will eliminate the need to enter customer order and delivery information manually, which will further boost the efficiency of its customer service and fulfilment processes.

“As time has gone by, Balloon One has been proactive in helping us enhance the way we use the system to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as passing on technical knowledge to us, which has helped us get the most from the system. Balloon One’s technical support is excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending the company to anyone,” said Danny Olive.

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