Transport Management System

Save Time. Save Fuel. Save Money. Deliver to customers at your best, with Geo2 Transport Management System and Route Optimisation Software. From independent drivers, to companies of all sizes, whether third party logistics (3PL) or in-house delivery; excel at last mile delivery, and delight your customers with Geo2.

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Why Geo2?

Real-Time Monitoring

Have complete visibility of your deliveries with real-time monitoring, and increasingly deliver to customers on-time in-full (OTIF).

Route Optimisation

Geo2 intelligently optimises delivery routes, helping drivers finish their routes earlier, use less fuel, reduce wear on their vehicles. This results in money saved for drivers and businesses.

CO2 Tracking

Our mission is to provide "routing for the planet". Geo2 allows you to monitor the co2 usage of your delivery vehicles, and track the co2 usage of your operation.

Vehicle Checks

Use geo2's Vehicle Check to monitor and maintain, so you always have visibility of the condition of your vehicles, and can track when damage may have occurred.

Proof of Delivery (POD)

With the mobile app, have proof that an order was delivered with POD, by taking photos and preserving the GPS loaction. This allows complete visibility of deliveries for businesses and drivers, saving time and money.

API Integration

Integrate geo2 transport management system with your enterprise resource planning software and your warehouse management system, so your operation works in perfect synergy.

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On Mobile.

And Desktop.

Geo2 is available for drivers to download on mobile via the IOS App store and on Android via the Google Play store. The Geo2 hub can be accessed on your desktop, where your entire delivery operation can be managed and edited in real-time.

Geo2 Integrates with all leading systems, and more: