HighJump for Sage

HighJump for Sage

Sage offers a range of software solutions for businesses looking to collate multiple systems into a single, cross-functional solution. The range includes Sage 50 and Sage Business Cloud Accounting, which are tailored to small businesses, and Sage 500 and Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management (previously X3), which are aimed at large enterprises.

There are optional warehousing and stock modules for most Sage solutions. When implemented, these bring some additional – but fairly basic – warehouse management functionality. But many companies – especially those that run large or complex distribution operations – find they benefit more from a superior, dedicated warehouse management system (WMS). WMS software is more sophisticated and has advanced, configurable functionality, which can boost a warehouse operation’s capabilities and productivity.

That’s where HighJump Warehouse Edge comes in. Designed specifically for the ERP system, HighJump for Sage neatly integrates into Sage, bolstering the functionality and delivering an exceptional warehousing product.

HighJump Warehouse Edge

HighJump Warehouse Edge is an advanced warehouse solution that optimises stock management. Integrating seamlessly into Sage, it give companies a full and transparent view of its stock.

HighJump Warehouse Edge’s key benefits are:

  • Competitive pricing. Its keen pricing means that Warehouse Edge brings a rapid return on investment. At the same time, you are benefiting from optimised warehouse space, improved processes and enhanced management of your warehouse staff’s day-to-day tasks – all of which will deliver you reduced costs and better profits.
  • Experience with Sage. HighJump has a product team dedicated to Sage products, and Balloon One has experience of integrating HighJump and Sage for many of its customers.
  • With its modular design, HighJump Warehouse Edge has an inherent architecture that is conducive to integration. This makes adding new modules or upgrading really simple, and customers are only paying for what they need.
  • Warehouse Edge can bring more than 99.9% stock accuracy, which helps distribution companies to dramatically boost their productivity, bring down staff costs and reduce operational expenses.
  • It is unique in being the only WMS system that has ASN/EDI compliance, integrated shipping and business intelligence.
  • Warehouse Edge is efficient at managing changing order volumes and discrete types of order.
  • Warehouse Edge can either be run in the cloud or implemented on-premise.
  • It has been successfully deployed to run distribution operations for customers in all sorts of industry: consumer packaged goods, speciality food distribution, 3PL, retail, ecommerce, wholesale distribution, multi-channel businesses, medical device and pharmaceutical supplies, publishing, clothing and accessories, and more.

Sage Warehouse Management Module vs. HighJump Warehouse Edge

Here we examine how the Sage Warehouse Management Module compares with HighJump Warehouse Edge. The major difference between the two solutions is that the Sage Warehouse Management Module is part of the ERP system and does not operate in a standalone manner. This can cause performance issues in the whole ERP system if the Warehousing Module becomes too process intensive.

Conversely, HighJump Warehouse Edge is a standalone WMS offering, operating on a separate database. As a result, HighJump Warehouse Edge will not throttle the ERP system’s performance. We have defined three tiers of classification of Warehouse Management Systems, which may also help with understanding how the two systems differ.

While a standalone system may not be required for smaller companies, based on our experience as the UK’s leading ERP and WMS provider, we recommend that – as a guideline – warehouse operations that have more than five operatives will typically benefit from an autonomous system such as HighJump Warehouse Edge.

Sage Integrations

HighJump has certified, pre-defined integrations available for Sage 100, Sage 200, Sage 300, Sage 500 and Sage X3, making it the leading WMS solution for any distribution company running Sage.

HighJump WMS provides everything needed to improve the running and management of a warehouse. It helps to improve inefficient processes, whether in stock storage, picking, packing or shipping.

Sage 100 and Sage 200

HighJump WMS integrates seamlessly with Sage 100 and Sage 200 software to transfer information between the ERP and the warehouse. Without the need for user intervention, it automatically maintains Sage’s sales order and inventory processing. Other intensive data entry processes are also automated, including sales order invoice, ASN and purchase order receipt of goods. In this way, HighJump WMS completely eliminates the need to manually enter a lot of data, such as an entire picking sheet.

Sage 300

HighJump WMS integrated with Sage 300 can significantly improve how accurately and how quickly a company can carry out its fulfilment process. Reduced errors and a faster distribution process lead to a knock on saving in the cost of staffing and improves customer satisfaction. By optimising its labour and its facilities, HighJUmp WMS helps increase productivity in a warehouse.

The system is intuitive to use and automates warehouse assets and procedures, introduces sophisticated picking algorithms and order allocation processes, as well as and advanced replenishment methods.

Sage 500 and Business Cloud Enterprise Management

Integrating with Sage 500 and Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management, HighJump WMS manages all a company’s back-office and warehouse operations. It allows the management of orders and accurately and efficiently manages stock handling procedures.

It can capture billing transactions right at the pick face, and also utilise the advanced finance and pricing features of the Sage software to effect a smooth transfer of transactions between the picking environment and the general ledger.

HighJump Warehouse Edge in Action

Balloon One has implemented HighJump Warehouse Edge alongside Sage for a number of UK businesses, for companies involved in industries as diverse as clothing and sports supplements. HighJump has been paramount to these businesses’ success, particularly when considering the fulfillment of high growth ecommerce channels.

If you would like to transform your Sage installation by integrating it with a fully-featured warehouse management system, download the Warehouse Management System for Sage brochure for more information. It’s your future route to supply chain excellence.