Workflow Processes

Sales Order and Picking

This process takes a sales order that is created in your ERP and adds it to Korber WMS, after which order allocation takes place. If stock is unavailable, a sales order is held and a replenishment job is created. If stock is available then the order is waved and carton labels are printed. A prompt is sent to the scanner for the user to scan the labels and the order is automatically added to a pick run.

The user starts a pick run and the status is updated in Korber WMS. The user is directed to the correct bin and scans the picked item and carton it is placed in. Once all products in the pick run are completed, the process is marked as complete and the status in the ERP updates as being ready to ship.

Sales Order and Picking Workflow Processes

Orders can be automatically waved to users as they are allocated or you can manually assign orders to specific users.

The system can manage consolidated pick runs, allowing multiple orders to be waved to the warehouse floor at once for simultaneous picking. Batch picking and pick to carton are also available as standard.

Optimised pick sequencing can be combined with a consolidated pick run. This directs the user, in order, to the bins required, mapping out the optimum route around the warehouse.

The live order status is automatically updated in the Orders Work Centre in Korber WMS, synchronising the scanners and the WMS for an accurate, real-time overview of the status of your outbound orders.