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Electronic Data Interchange

EDI is a system for exchanging documentation with external entities, to eliminate errors whilst increasing productivity through end to end automation, system checks and verification.

What is EDI?

All you need to know.

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Key benefits.

Why EDI?

Time savings

Electronically transferring documents takes just moments. Its estimated that EDI can speed up business cycles by 61% and order-to-cash cycles by 20%.

Reduced costs

Automating manual processes brings a reduction in costs. Reducing the number of disputes from inconsistent/inaccurate data.

Better data accuracy

EDI reduces errors. With your EDI transactions taking place via a secure network, and with no need for human processing, your accuracy rates will be higher.

Data security.

Preserving data security is paramount. With EDI, the electronic transmission method uses a secure network that does away with more insecure channels.

Improved compliance

In certain industries, compliance is critical. EDI can improve traceability within the supply chain this compliance brings efficiency savings.

Competitive advantage

Simply being a business that uses EDI can make you more appealing to prospective customers, as they will find working with you more efficient.

The Balloon Approach.

How we implement EDI.

At Balloon, we integrate the various components of your supply chain technology and pull them all together into one seamless network

With our own integration software, Springboard Server, we develop integrations with our customers during the implementation process – or we provide customers access to our API so that they can build integration and EDI links themselves.

Balloon brings innovative solutions into our customers’ end-to-end supply chain solutions. We advocate any form of technology that streamlines a company’s processes and ultimately drives customer satisfaction.