Voice Picking in the Warehouse: Revolutionising Order Fulfillment.

voice picking

The modern warehouse is a symphony of movement and precision, where every second counts and efficiency reigns. As e-commerce continues to grow, warehouses are under increased pressure to fulfil orders rapidly and accurately. 

Enter voice picking technology—a tool that’s transforming the traditional picking process into an orchestrated display of speed and efficiency.

What is Voice Picking?


Voice picking, also known as Pick by Voice, is an innovative technology that empowers warehouse operators with hands-free and eyes-free capabilities to pick items.

By utilising a voice-picking system warehouse workers receive auditory instructions directly into their headsets. This allows operatives to locate and select products without manual interaction with data lists or paperwork.

This process streamlines and accelerates order fulfilment, resulting in a more productive and error-free warehouse.

How Does Voice Picking Work?


Voice picking technology works through a simple yet effective process. Firstly, the picker receives instructions from a voice-enabled device or smartphone. The instructions list the items to be picked along with their respective locations within the warehouse.

Once they reach the designated area, the picker confirms their arrival by scanning a barcode or saying a predetermined code into their headset. This prompts the system to provide further instructions on the specific items to pick and the required quantity.

The picker then picks the item and repeats this confirmation process until all items in the order are collected. Once completed, the picker moves on to their next task.

Benefits of Voice Picking.


Voice Picking Technology is not just a fleeting trend; it offers tangible benefits that make warehouse operations more competitive and robust.

Increased Accuracy and Productivity.

Voice-directed workflows help reduce picking errors, ensuring order accuracy and customer satisfaction. Voice commands guide workers through the warehouse, allowing more focus on selecting products. 

This accelerates the speed of the picking process and improves picking accuracy. As a result, warehouse operators can pick and pack more orders in less time.

Reduced Training Time and Errors.

Training staff on voice-activated picking systems is typically faster and more intuitive, reducing errors made by new employees. The voice system’s prompts and feedback mechanisms ensure that even novices quickly adapt to warehouse operations.

Improved Ergonomics and Safety.

With hands and eyes free, workers are less prone to accidents and can maintain better posture while moving about the warehouse. This contributes to improved ergonomics, reducing the risk of strain and injury over time.

With voice commands guiding movements, workers can keep their eyes on their tasks instead of looking down at paperwork or handheld devices.

Implementing Voice Picking Systems.


The journey to voice-enabled picking requires careful planning and consideration.

Selection of Voice Picking Solutions.

Select a system that aligns with your current infrastructure and future growth. Compatibility with your Warehouse Management System (WMS) is crucial for seamless integration.

Integration with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

A robust WMS voice-picking integration allows real-time inventory updates and data synchronisation across your supply chain.

Korber WMS offers advanced voice-picking capabilities that take warehouse operations to the next level. The system integrates seamlessly with voice-picking technology to drive operational performance and efficiency. Korber’s voice-picking solution transforms the picking process into a hands-free, error-reducing operation.

Additionally, the voice-picking software has multilingual support, accommodating a diverse workforce. This function allows instructions in the language each worker is most comfortable with. The system’s flexibility also allows for customisation according to your warehouse’s specific needs.

Furthermore, the integration of Korber’s WMS voice-picking technology ensures real-time inventory and order status updates. This provides a comprehensive view of supply chain operations. This facilitates smarter decision-making, better resource planning, and a higher level of customer service. As such, Korber’s WMS voice-picking capabilities are instrumental in paving the way for a smarter, more efficient warehouse.

Potential Challenges and Key Considerations.

Storehouse employee in uniform working on forklift in modern automatic warehouse.

Despite the clear advantages, implementing a voice-picking system is challenging.

Capital Investment and ROI.

One of the first considerations is the financial investment required for such a technology. The initial capital expenditure on hardware, software, and integration can be substantial.

Therefore, it’s critical to analyse cost-benefits to evaluate the potential return on investment (ROI).

System Maintenance and Support.

Any technology implementation comes with the need for ongoing maintenance and support. When considering a voice-picking solution, assess the reliability of the vendor’s after-sales service. Comprehensive support ensures that any system hiccups can be addressed promptly, helping to minimise disruptions.

Technology Compatibility and Workflow Disruptions.

Another challenge is ensuring the compatibility of the new voice-picking system with existing warehouse management systems (WMS). A poorly integrated solution can disrupt established workflows, resulting in inefficiencies rather than improvements.

Detailed planning and testing before full-scale implementation can mitigate these potential issues.

User Acceptance and Training.

Lastly, successful implementation hinges on user acceptance and effective training. Warehouse workers need to adapt to a new way of working, and there may be resistance to change. Effective training programs and clear communication of the new system foster acceptance and reduce resistance.

Every warehouse operation is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Understanding your warehouse’s specific needs, along with the potential hurdles, is crucial for a smooth transition and optimal use. Recognising these elements can enhance the chances of success and enable the most value from your investment.

Advancements and Trends in Voice Picking



The landscape of voice picking is rapidly evolving with advancements like:

  • AI-Enhanced Voice Recognition: Improved accuracy and understanding, even in noisy warehouse environments.
  • Wearable Integration: Seamless connection with smart glasses and watches for multi-modal operations.
  • Real-time Inventory Management: Immediate updates to inventory systems for agile responsiveness.
  • Contactless Operations: A solution perfectly poised for the new health considerations post-pandemic.


There are various key trends driving the future of voice-picking solutions in the market. The global adoption of these solutions is increasing as businesses recognise the transformative potential of voice-enabled operations.

  • E-Commerce Boom: The surge in e-commerce due to the pandemic has increased the demand for more efficient order fulfilment methods. Further driving the voice-picking market as a means to more efficient picking operations.
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI is being more widely integrated into voice-picking solutions, enhancing their capabilities and efficiency. This includes improved natural language processing and machine learning algorithms for adaptive voice command recognition.
  • Market Expansion: Rapid industrialisation, particularly in developing regions, is expanding the voice-picking market. Industries such as retail, automotive, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, and electronics are showing significant interest.
  • Investment in Research and Development: Companies invest heavily in R&D to improve voice-picking solutions. This catalyses the development of next-generation technologies such as AI-enhanced voice recognition and wearable integration.

Research underlines that the future of voice picking is vibrant, with expected market growth in the coming years. The advancements in AI and other technologies are likely to refine voice-picking systems further, offering even greater accuracy and efficiency in warehouse operations.



Voice-picking systems are key for warehouses keen on staying competitive in a fast-paced digital economy. With improved accuracy, productivity, and safety, the voice-picking system is a cornerstone of modern warehouse operations.

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