HighJump Elevate 2019

We were at HighJump Elevate 2019 in San Antonio, Texas a few weeks ago. Elevate is HighJump’s annual user conference. It gives partners like us the opportunity to hear from the company about its plans for its warehouse software, and to network with 800 people from other companies in the warehouse space – suppliers, partners and end-users.

We have summarised some of the key takeaways from the event.

Balloon One Awarded 2018 EMEA Partner of the Year

We were absolutely thrilled to be announced as HighJump’s 2018 EMEA Partner of the Year. It builds on our award from 2017 and really demonstrates our strength and presence in supply chain software and consultancy.

The award was received by Managing Director Craig Powell. Contributing factors to this achievement have been our global expansion. To support our client Classic Fine Foods, we have moved into South East Asia. And two new customers in the Republic of Ireland have boosted our European growth.

Simulations with Cirrus Logistics

Cirrus Logistics is part of Centriq, which was purchased by The Körber Group in 2018.

Focused on innovative technologies, the company is a welcome addition to the Group’s supply chain and logistics portfolio.

Cirrus has two systems that help with supply chain planning: CLASS and COST2SERV, each of which was simulated at HighJump Elevate 2019.

CLASS is warehouse design and simulation software. It helps companies to design new warehouse facilities, or to assess or extend existing ones. It determines what is an optimal warehouse layout, what resources are needed and how flexible the design is.

For existing warehouses, it assesses if the business is operating at its full potential and identifies where improvements can be made or where more capacity can be found.

For extending existing warehouses, the simulation will show if there is sufficient storage space and pinpoint any safety or congestion issues. It can also evaluate whether new automated equipment will integrate well with the existing operation, and thereby show if the investment decision is a solid one.

COST2SERV software helps companies optimise their distribution by reducing their costs, maximising margins and improving customer service.

Ideal for complex or large distribution operations, it identifies where there are opportunities to consolidate depots, which resources are required and the number of vehicles needed.

For companies with expansion ideals, it assesses if future demand can be met and shows what the new network will look like. It identifies whether depots and hubs are located in the best places to serve the customers.

To optimise a company’s fleet and transport, it identifies the right balance of vehicles. It shows if the number of Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments can be reduced and whether the vehicles are all in the optimal locations.

To maximise returns, it identifies the least and most profitable customers, as well as the lowest cost to serve customers.

Cloud with HighJump Now powered by Oracle (strategic partner)

HighJump Now is HighJump’s initiative to empower worldwide supply chains to use the cloud. HighJump has taken the industry-recognised differentiators from its on-premise offering and developed them into a secure cloud environment. HighJump Now delivers with adaptability, control and scalability. The environment is powered by Oracle Cloud, which HighJump now sees as a notable partner.

The secure cloud environment gives businesses with warehousing, transportation management, logistics and retail execution the opportunity to digitally transform their supply chains.

Inconso / HighJump WCS

With an increased focus on automation comes an increased focus on automation software, such as Warehouse Control Systems (WCS). We were excited to learn at Elevate that Inconso’s comprehensive WCS is now integrated with HighJump. This opens up many new opportunities for advanced automation for our customers using HighJump.

Inconso’s WCS  and HighJump work together. The WCS picks up the source location and destination from the WMS and then orchestrates the optimal routing within the warehouse. The WCS communicates to the programmable logic controllers (PLCs) across the different physical elements.

Other News from HighJump Elevate 2019

HighJump has created an Android-based voice picking solution for Highjump Edge. It is pre-configured and because it uses standard Android, it is reasonably priced for the SME market.

Additionally, HighJump continues to invest in Magazino, an innovative warehouse robotics provider.