HighJump WCS Warehouse Control System

HighJump WCS: Warehouse Control System

Today’s warehouse environments are complex. Balancing the needs of traditional retail with ecommerce and omnichannel fulfilment means businesses require sophisticated warehouse automation and control systems.

At the heart of the operation, running and managing that automation, sits a Warehouse Control System (WCS). And the HighJump WCS has been designed to integrate with its Warehouse Management System (WMS) and with ERP systems, for the ultimate in supply chain execution.

Why the need for a WCS?

With omnichannel and ecommerce supply comes an increase in order volumes. Businesses nowadays are introducing more and more automation so that they can speed up order processing and meet customer expectations. But at the same time, they need to maintain efficiency in their warehouse operations.

Automation brings challenges. It can mean different business processes and can change how operations are carried out in the warehouse.

There are many different types of automation: pick to light, conveyors, carousels, robotics, automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), voice picking. Each of these brings new and diverse business processes to the warehouse.

Controlling all these is where a WCS comes in. It manages the equipment systems, figuring out the most efficient product flows and directing equipment controllers.

HighJump WCS

There’s a continuing evolution of fulfilment processes in warehouse operations. With businesses that are running omnichannel strategies, the same warehouses are being used to supply retail stores and for fulfilling ecommerce. In these situations, volumes are increasing. So companies need to build their systems with future growth in mind.

Warehousing operations looking to improve their business and drive efficiencies want systems that integrate well too.

HighJump is the foundation for that supply chain execution. And HighJump WCS integrates directly into the HighJump Warehouse Management.

HighJump WCS Benefits

HighJump WMS integrates seamlessly with HighJump WMS. Designed for high throughput and high availability, it orchestrates a warehouse’s entire automation stack.

It’s diverse enough to be used in facilities of all sizes and is easily deployed and has an intuitive configuration.  It manages your full material flow traffic so that the right products will receive priority when facilities are operating at – or over- peak capacity.

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