Zebra Rugged Smartphones

Hardware: Zebra Rugged Smartphones

Like a consumer smartphone – but much more durable and hard-working – Zebra rugged smartphones are perfect for warehouse and delivery operations.

 Complete with touchscreens, a camera and a barcode scanner, they make it easy to quickly scan inventory or delivery packages. They also have an impressive, all-day battery life.

There’s a range of Zebra rugged smartphones and touch computers – from a standard model ideal for small businesses, through to enterprise-grade models.

Zebra TC25

The Zebra TC25 is perfect for small businesses. Its rugged design makes it the durable choice for your delivery drivers.  Its low total cost of ownership makes it the entry-level model among the Zebra rugged smartphones. It is purpose-built for light duty use and is lightweight and easy to hold and carry.

Zebra TC25 Uses

The Zebra TC25 is ideal for: scheduling and location-based services, route optimisation, parts inventory, despatch and dynamic routing, asset management, proof of delivery, order management and automation, and comprehensive voice support.

Zebra TC25 Accessories

TC25 accessories include:

  • In-vehicle holder. Designed for use in a van or car, the holder has a suction cup so that it can be mounted on the window or dashboard. It can carry the device with or without its PowerPack and the audio port and USB-C jack are fully accessible.
  • ShareCradle. This charging unit allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time.
  • Soft boot. This cover has an open design that accommodates a hand strap and allows snap-ons to easily be inserted and removed. It has an opening for audio and drainage and a non-rotating clip adjustable belt that fits with or without the PowerPack.
  • Snap-on trigger handle. This handle easily attaches to the Zebra TC25 top housing. It has an integrated three-point stand for resting the terminal when not in use. Exposed contacts allow the unit to be charged singly or in multi-chargers without removing the handle.
  • Other accessories: single-slot charging cradle and additional PowerPack battery.

Zebra TC52 and TC57

The Zebra TC52 and TC57 are mid-range devices that give a better user experience and provide greater ruggedness. With a reduced product lifetime cost, they are more future-proofed than the entry-level model. They have many use case scenarios and there is a comprehensive range of accessories and software integrations.

The “5 series” range comes with WLAN or WWAN. The TC52 works on Wi-Fi and the TC57 is compatible with mobile broadband.

Zebra TC52 and TC57 Uses

The Zebra TC52 and TC57 can be used for: price and stock checks, locating items, assisted selling, planogram management, delivery tracking, stock management, scheduling and location-based services, proof of delivery, invoicing, and asset management.

Zebra TC52 and TC57 Accessories

TC52 and TC57 accessories include:

  • Attachable trigger handle. This allows for rapid stock takes and gives added comfort when used in scan-intensive applications.
  • Basic handstrap kit. This kit mounts on the terminal and provides added safety against accidental drops.
  • Rugged boot. This cover increases the drop specification to 5 ft./1.5 m to concrete.
  • Charge and mount options: charge-only drop-in vehicle cradle and RAM twist lock suction cup with double socket arm and diamond base adapter.
  • ShareCradle. This multi-unit charger cradle accommodates a number of TC52/TC57 units.
  • Other accessories: soft holster, 4-slot battery charger, fast charging power supplies, single-slot cradle and spare battery packs.

Zebra TC72 and TC77

The top of the range Zebra TC72 and TC77 provide the ultimate in rugged touch computers for enterprise.

These flagship models are ultra rugged and, with a full range of features, offer future-proofed and sophisticated functionality.

Again, the “7 series” range comes with WLAN or WWAN. The TC72 works on Wi-Fi and the TC77 is compatible with mobile broadband.

Zebra TC72 and TC77 Uses

The TC72 and TC77 can be used for: price audits and changes, stock management, voice communication, orders and returns processing, proof of delivery, track and trace of packages or pallets, fleet management, picking, putaway, warehouse management and route optimisation.

Zebra TC72 and TC77 Accessories

TC72 and TC77 accessories include:

  • Snap-On magnetic stripe reader for mobile payment
  • Holster
  • Hand strap
  • Snap-on trigger handle
  • Multi-slot battery chargers
  • ShareCradle: a multi-slot and two-slot cradle that can be used just to charge the devices, or for data transfer

The range of Zebra rugged smartphones is available from Balloon One, via our partnership with Renovotec. They are a fantastic match for use with our Springboard Delivery proof of delivery, vehicle tracking and route optimisation software.

If you’d like a demo of the Zebra rugged smartphones, or a price list, call us on 020 8819 9071 or get in touch.