Gartner Peer Insights

HighJump Recognized on Gartner Peer Insights™ for WMS

Gartner Peer Insights™ is a comparison platform from leading technology market research and advisory firm, Gartner. It compares enterprise IT software across a wide range of categories, displaying reviews and ratings from genuine users.

This unbiased approach makes it a superb resource for companies wanting to select enterprise IT software as they can confidently appraise systems based on the impartial, first-hand experiences of reviewers from the IT community.

More than 180 software categories are covered on the platform, with areas such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Human Capital Management (HCM). Of interest to Balloon and our customers, Gartner Peer Insights also covers ERP (with both Oracle + NetSuite and SAP Business One rating highly) and Warehouse Management Systems.

WMS Rating Criteria

Vendors in the WMS category are rated on four categories that together comprehensively cover the user experience. Firstly, “Evaluation & Contracting” covers the pre-implementation side of the relationship with the vendor, the vendor’s responses to product questions, pricing flexibility and the ability to understand the organisation’s needs.

The second section, “Integration & Deployment”, concerns the implementation of the solution and integration with other systems.

The third section covers the “Service & Support” provided by the vendor. For instance, this includes their technical knowledge, the timeliness of their response and the value of the support package.

The final section, “Product Capabilities”, looks at the functionality of the systems.

HighJump’s Gartner Peer Insights Ratings

HighJump's Gartner Peer Insights vendor ratings

HighJump’s portfolio of WMS solutions scores highly across all categories, with a particularly high performance in Product Capabilities, coming out well for market knowledge and expertise, innovation, responsiveness and “proposed vs actual project costs”. As of 9th February 2018, HighJump has an Overall Rating of 4 out of 5 in the Warehouse Management Systems market, based on 39 reviews.

HighJump’s high rating was driven by the customisability and how tailorable the software is to users’ businesses. One customer states, “The flexibility of the HighJump WMS solution drove the success of our implementation” [see source]. Another says, “HighJump Was The Best Solution To Fit Our Needs” [see source].

Balloon and HighJump

Balloon has been recommending HighJump products since 2005, when what is now Warehouse Edge was called Radio Beacon. We continue to recognise the innovation that HighJump drives in the industry and are HighJump’s leading WMS partner in the UK. We’re confident that HighJump solutions help drive efficiency and productivity for UK businesses, allowing them to scale quickly and meet their growth potential.

If you’d like to discover how a HighJump WMS could enhance your warehouse efficiency, please call us for more information on 020 8819 9071 or contact us using the website form.