Springboard Delivery Route Optimisation

Route Optimisation Added to Springboard Delivery App

We’ve just updated our popular Springboard Delivery app and the new 2018 release now includes route optimisation functionality.

At the click of a button, you can use route optimisation features that bring reduced travel times for your fleet. Not only do your administrators no longer have to manually plan routes, your customers get their deliveries sooner, and your fuel costs will be reduced too.

The cross-platform app allows you to create optimised routes for your delivery vehicles. Using the route mapping feature, you can import all your delivery locations from your ERP or WMS software. You can then either import your own routes or use the intuitive built-in automatic route planning feature to create the optimal route using the fastest, most efficient course. Alternatively, you can use the visual prompt of the map to build a completely manual schedule.

Springboard Delivery can then allocate routes to drivers and send the information to their Android devices.

This route optimisation functionality is added to an already powerful application that delivers vehicle progress tracking and proof of delivery.

Springboard Delivery automatically synchronises between the online application and remote devices, transmitting your drivers’ coordinates, status and speed to you throughout the day. This allows you to track your drivers’ activities in real time and view delivery records as soon as they are created. Using the online dashboard, you can instantly view a snapshot of your fleet’s progress, allowing you to quickly deal with any issues.

With barcode scanning, as well as camera and signature capture, the proof of delivery functionality is fundamental to the app. Drivers receive their interactive route manifest, and can then follow their designated drop sequence on their handheld Android device. Deliveries and collections can be logged via the device and information including barcodes, photos and signatures can be captured. At the point of delivery, geolocation and timestamps are automatically captured for added proof.

To check the full functionality and pricing, download the Springboard Delivery brochure.

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