SAP Business One User Event 2017

SAP Business One User Event 2017

We held our annual event for users of SAP Business One recently in Birmingham. Along with representatives from SAP, we were pleased to be joined by 18 people from 12 different client companies.

Managing Director Craig Powell welcomed the group and gave an update on Balloon One.

This was followed by a presentation from Frederic Bada of SAP on the roadmap for SAP Business One software. This included a demo of the latest enhancements to release 9.2 of SAP Business One, and an in-depth look at the planned functionality within the upcoming version 9.3.

Balloon consultants Rishi Haria and Paul Woods introduced SAP HANA and explained the dashboards and integration with Boyum IT’s usability software.

After lunch the group listened to an interesting presentation from client company Gopak. Managing Director Andrew Fielding talked about the furniture wholesaler’s SAP journey. Gopak discussed their reasons for choosing both SAP Business One and Balloon, and went through their selection process. They also talked about lessons learned and the amount of end user training required before go live.

Craig returned to tell the group about a new software development from Balloon One, Springboard Delivery. Balloon has developed a range of software, called Springboard Applications, which can be integrated with ERP and other systems to enhance warehouse and supply chain processes. Springboard Delivery is a mobile app that gives paperless proof of delivery. It allows distribution companies with their own delivery drivers to record POD documentation on any Android device.

Finally, the group took part in an extremely valuable round table session. This saw the attendees divided up to discuss the very different ways that their businesses are using SAP Business One to help growth and minimise resource. The groups discussed integration with carriers and with e-commerce, as well as reporting, remote access, and alerts and approvals.

If you’re an existing SAP Business One customer and you weren’t able to make it this time, look out for the invitation next year. These events are always well received by our users. This year we had some great feedback, including comments that praised “a very good session overall”, and expressed gratitude for information that can now be input into longer-term business plans. Other comments conveyed that the event had contributed positively to opinions about SAP and Balloon One and thanked us for “an informative and enjoyable day”.

Can’t decide between NetSuite and SAP?

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