Warehouse Management System RFP Template.

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A WMS Request for Proposal template aids in choosing the right WMS software. Kickstarting your WMS project is a lengthy process with a lot of variables to consider. As one of your business’s most important systems, it’s critical to weigh all the factors to make an informed decision. Don’t get overwhelmed by the quantity of WMSs in the market or the sheer volume of information. With our 2021 Template, you can cut through vendor bias and get to the heart of what you need in warehouse management solutions. This WMS Request for Proposal guide helps you get ahead by providing you with a template which:

  • Identifies key functional and technology requirements for immediate and future needs
  • Selects warehouse management solutions that will fit your business, helping to ensure low cost of ownership
  • Avoids WMS software lacking key functionality that will negatively impact production performance and limit ROI

Incorporating over 450 parameters, the WMS RFP Template is a comprehensive and intuitive resource covering warehouse operations, support and services, reporting, and more. This guide is particularly helpful when building a roadmap for emerging industry trends. This includes:

  • Cloud Technology – Can a cloud-based WMS improve operations? When is it the right time move to the cloud?
  • Automation Readiness – What is the right blend between operator and automation?
  • GDPR and Security Capabilities – Does your supply chain meet industry and customer requirements?
  • Workforce Trends – How does your technology stack improve the user experience? Is it accessible from operators’ preferred devices? Are onboarding and training efficient?

Kickstart your WMS project with the WMS RFP Template and make a confident, informed choice!

Download your free WMS Proposal template.