ERP vs Best of Breed WMS

Resource: whitepaper.

ERP VS. Best of Breed WMS

Download the whitepaper on Enterprise Resource Planning vs. Best of Breed Warehouse Management Systems.


A successful warehouse management system (WMS) implementation can provide an 18-24 month return on investment. A WMS also serves as a foundation for instituting a continuous improvement culture and facilitates on-going annual benefits ranging from 5-10%. For some companies, justification in a WMS is a matter of survival. Having the right material available at the right place and at the right time is no longer enough. The new requirements include:  

  • compliance labeling
  • floor ready displays
  • advanced ship notices
  • postponement
  • light manufacturing
  • collaboration

Regardless of your perceived need for a WMS, an effective campaign to procure and implement a new system could depend on a solid WMS business case. A good business case will include both tangible quantitative budget justifications and the qualitative, intangible benefits difficult to enumerate. This paper introduces a tool to use when developing a project justification, identifies benefit categories for potential inclusion in the business case, and discusses areas of opportunity within the various benefit categories.