Cloud WMS

WMS in the Cloud.

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There’s an evolution taking place in the IT industry: the continuous and steady progression from traditionally installed software to cloud technology. In the cloud computing model, the vendor provides Web-based access to applications as a service, through a subscription pricing model. The vendor takes responsibility for everything, including servers, storage, backups, system updates, applications, databases, and maintenance. This eliminates the need for customers to buy, deploy, and manage IT infrastructure, saving the customer large upfront deployment costs and ongoing maintenance headaches. Warehouse management system technology is now available in the cloud delivery model (cloud WMS) from some providers, offering a lower cost, reduced risk option.   Read on to explore how cloud WMS, can have a positive financial impact not just on your distribution logistics, but on your internal IT spending as well.


  • More Technology for Less Cost
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Removes the IT Requirement… And Empowers The Supply Chain Team
  • The Cloud Reduces The Risk Involved With Supply Chain Investment