HighJump Warehouse Management System

K.Motion Warehouse (formally HighJump Warehouse) Advantage is a tier-1 warehouse management system designed to enable large enterprises to drive operational excellence across.

K.Motion Warehouse Advantage takes robust, tier-1 WMS capabilities out-the-box and combines them with a intuitive adaptability layer, allowing businesses to configure, customise and adapt their processes internally.   By providing this unique adaptability layer, Advantage is a solution that evolves in-line with businesses, allow you to adapt to and overcome new, dynamic challenges within their industries.

Warehouse Management System
Cloud WMS

Multiple Deployment Models


  • Centralised Deployment (Run all sites from HQ)
  • Decentralised Deployment (Run each site on local server(s))
  • Multiple Cloud Options (K.Motion, AWS or private cloud provider)

Powerful Adaptability Layer


  • Supports your business growth and evolution
  • Model the software around the needs of your business
  • Differentiates you from the competition
  • On-going Innovation and process improvement
  • True Ownership

Tier 1, Advanced Solution


  • Functionally rich suite of supply chain solutions
  • Achieve new levels of supply chain responsiveness
  • Streamline multi-channel distribution
  • Low cost of ownership, a true future proof solution


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  • ASN, Vendor, Unknown and Production Receipts
  • Returns – Customer and production returns
  • Cross-Docking
  • Putaway- Rules Based Putaway
  • Replenishment
  • Slotting Optimization


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  • Batch, Wave, Zone, Bulk, Order, Progressive
  • Pick to clean
  • Pick to efficiency
  • Kitting- Kit component request, Kit picking, Kit completion
  • Optimized Container Packing


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  • Carrier Integration
  • Label Printing
  • Transport Management System Integration
  • Loading
  • Load Aufit


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  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Movements- Direct movements, move requests
  • Quality Control- QC hold and release, Lot control,
  • Administration- Cycle counts, Inventory Adjustments, Physical
  • Inventory Tracking- Lot Control, Dynamic tracking of item attributes (i.e. expiration date, style, size, color, etc.)
  • Serialization- Trace In/Out, Full
  • Task Interleaving


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  • Advanced Labour Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Yard Management
  • Wave and load Planning
  • Billing Management
  • RFID Compliance
  • In-Store Retail Fulfillment
  • Intelligent Dashboards and Pre-Built Metrics/KPIs
  • Inspection
  • Electronic Document Imaging


Warehouse Management System

Find out more

Download the WMS brochure to learn more about what separates K.Motion Warehouse Advantage from the pack. With K.Motion Warehouse Advantage, you will benefit from:

  • Complete distribution suite augmented by uniquely flexible configurability
  • Rapid, painless implementations
  • Seamless integrations with leading ERP providers and eCommerce platforms
  • Near-perfect inventory accuracy throughout the warehouse
  • Visibility across the operation that increases order accuracy
  • Lowest total cost of ownership and a quick return on investment
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WMS and ERP Integration

K.Motion Warehouse Edge is built for ERP systems; we are committed to ensuring the hassle-free implementation of K.Motion Warehouse into your supply chain solution. 

Integrations with SAP Business One, NetSuite, SAGE (Line 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 and X3) and Microsoft Dynamics (AX, GP and NAV)

[cover_boxes title1=”SAP Business One” text1=”The most comprehensive WMS solution available for SAP Business One since 2003.” link1=”https://balloonone.com/resources/highjump-wms-sap-business-one/” link_label1=”SAP Whitepaper” target1=”_blank” title2=”NetSuite” text2=”Most Advanced WMS available to the NetSuite market. Built for NetSuite certified since 2012.” link2=”https://balloonone.com/resources/highjump-wms-netsuite/” link_label2=”NetSuite Whitepaper” target2=”_blank” title3=”Sage” text3=”The only Sage-endorsed WMS with seamless integrations to Sage 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, X3″ link3=”https://balloonone.com/resources/highjump-wms-sage/” link_label3=”Sage Whitepaper” target3=”_blank” read_more_button_style=”yes” image1=”20661″ image2=”20659″ image3=”20660″]
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