Supply chain

A Welcome To VJ Technology

Balloon One are excited to announce our new partnership with VJ Technology in the past Quarter! Please join us in welcoming VJ Technology to our fast-developing community of Warehouse Management System (WMS) customers! VJ Technology distributes and manufactures fasteners, tools, fixing systems and associated products to the UKs construction and civil engineering industries. Customers of …

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The Evolution & Disruption of the Logistics Industry

As both technology and consumer demands have changed over recent years, the logistics industry has had to adapt. And numerous disruptions have accelerated the industry’s evolution. We look at the drivers of the logistics industry’s transformation and how these are shaping logistics. Consumer experience of ecommerce has changed business expectations Thanks to the consumer revolution …

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Multi-Carrier Integration market

Multi-Carrier Management: The Market

As a distributor, your profits are being squeezed. Despite enjoying a significant growth in revenue from ecommerce, you have likely seen an increase in the number of small parcel consignments you send. This, together with customer expectations of ever quicker delivery, will have required a change in your delivery strategy. Like many others, you will …

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6 Wholesale Distribution trends for 2019

6 Wholesale Distribution Trends for 2019

What does 2019 have in store for companies involved in wholesale and distribution? Last year, we predicted that the focal points of distribution trends for 2018 would be technology and customer-centricity. We foresaw an increase in the use of warehouse robotics and automation. And we felt that distributors would increasingly look to put their customers …

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Falsified Medicines Directive FMD

Are you Ready for the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)?

Falsified medicines are counterfeited drugs sold as the real thing to unsuspecting members of the public. They present a risk to health and are of concern to both the pharmaceutical industry and to governments across the world. Fake medicines not only cost the pharmaceutical companies substantial amounts of money, but they also pose a serious …

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