HighJump WMS

HighJump Inspection: Supply Chain Essentials

In this, the second of our Supply Chain Essentials blog posts, we look at HighJump Inspection. This is an optional module that extends the functionality of the HighJump suite of products. Each of the Supply Chain Essentials modules integrates with your HighJump installation and is added onto the HighJump Platform and your core HighJump warehousing …

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Task Interleaving

Task Interleaving for Warehouse Efficiency

Task interleaving is an advanced productivity strategy that can be employed in a warehouse – via a warehouse management system (WMS) – to improve operational efficiency. What is task interleaving? Task interleaving is the process of combining different tasks – interleaving them – on a single trip within the warehouse. So perhaps a warehouse worker …

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7 KPIs to track for warehouse improvement

The 7 KPIs to Track for Warehouse Improvement

How do you measure your warehouse performance? Maybe your goal is to run an operation that maximises product flow, with a smooth receipt and putaway process and an efficient picking system. But how do you measure that? While these may be laudable objectives, they are too intangible to measure. Instead, it’s vital to use meaningful …

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Cloud WMS

Cloud Warehouse Management System

As more and more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) tackle the process of digital transformation, it’s to cloud computing that a large proportion of companies are turning. As businesses increasingly consider a Cloud Warehouse Management System, we asses the benefits of turning away from conventional on-premise technology. Even a year ago, by February 2017, cloud …

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