Learn how to calculate the RoI of AMRs.

In these current economic times, businesses across all sectors are looking for ways to both grow their business and increase efficiency. One of the many solutions to this conundrum has been for more and more of them, especially in manufacturing and warehousing sectors, to install autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

AMRs can perform many different roles, but within a warehouse setting they will traditionally do the ‘carrying’ and ‘walking’, creating more time and energy for the human employees to perform more skilled tasks.

With labour shortages combined with rising wages, it is no surprise to see AMRs becoming more popular. In fact, in 2021 alone over half a million robots were installed around the world, with the current stock of operational robots in use globally having reached over 3.5 million units[1].

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[1] Source: IFR World Robotics 2022 

High Cost but Huge Value of AMRs.

Given the ever-growing numbers of AMRs being installed, you may be considering one for your business. However, it is likely that one of the things that is holding you back is the cost. You wouldn’t be alone, in a recent survey that we undertook, 66% of responders felt that AMRs are a costly investment.

However, although there is significant cost, there is even greater value for a business by deploying an AMR. In the same survey, 50% of people thought that AMRs were a proven long-term investment. And ultimately, value is what counts. The cost is worth paying if the value generated exceeds it – that is just good business sense.

Calculating the Value for You.

To help you understand whether there is value in deploying an AMR in your warehouse we have created, along with Zebra Robotics Automation, an RoI calculator. You can use this to determine what the return on investment would be for you if you installed an AMR.

By providing a few straight forward details, such as the distance workers walk to move product between pick-up and drop-off locations in your warehouse, along with the total number of hours your facility is open per day, the calculator can quickly show you the potential cost and time savings. This freed up time allows your workers to focus on tasks of higher value, or it can translate into annual savings you can make by reducing unnecessary movement throughout your warehouse.

Use the RoI Calculator Here.

Value Beyond Financial

Our RoI Calculator will help you to determine the financial returns you can make by deploying an AMR, however, there are many other benefits to introducing AMRs into a warehouse beyond just the financial ones.

The main benefit is to the people in your warehouse. Some may be sceptical and see it as a negative thing, but the vast majority will be excited. Nearly all workers want there to be investment and improvement in their working environment, which means that they are likely to be excited about new AMRs and want to interact with them and discover the benefits they can deliver.

One of the other exciting elements that AMRs bring to the existing team of workers is personal development and progression. Most AMRs – especially if you work with us here at Balloon One and our partners Zebra Robotics Automation – do not require specialist coding to be introduced into the existing workflows. Instead drag and drop style interfaces allow new workflows to be created and this is something that existing staff can do to build up their skills and responsibility levels.

Through having more engaged staff, thanks to AMRs, warehouses can also find it easier to retain and even hire new staff. In the current labour market that becomes a huge advantage for any business.

Consider the additional value that AMRs can bring to your business, but use our calculator to confirm the financial RoI they can bring too.