How can a WMS support business growth?

Investment in software is often viewed as a cost to the business. But instead, it should be seen as a revenue-generating opportunity. A good warehouse management system (WMS) can enhance the digital supply chain and support the growth of your business. By helping to reduce costs and maximise productivity, it will in turn drive both profit and growth.

Here are three ways that a WMS can support business growth.

1. Surpassing customer expectations

When you deliver quickly, you have a better chance of becoming a go-to supplier for a customer. A quality WMS can help your operation to speed up customer orders in so many ways. It can optimise your picking, so that orders get out faster. And a WMS can automate business operations with integration to your ERP and carriers, for a streamlined supply chain.

When your customers receive their orders quickly, they will want to use you again. Fast delivery is one of the key reasons that Amazon has seen such sound and rapid growth.

Not only does speedy delivery breeds repeat business, it also engenders referrals; your customers will be more likely to recommend you to others.

2. Better business decisions

With real-time analytics, you can make better choices and business decisions that are based on accurate data. You won’t have too much money tied up in stock and you’ll be able to monitor the right KPIs that will help you increase staff productivity, order accuracy, warehouse space utilisation and so on.

When you ditch the spreadsheets, you gain with automated reporting. This WMS-led business intelligence is key to growth. Making the right decisions can really boost turnover, reduce costs and increase profit.

3. Efficiency through automation

It’s near impossible to grow a business when you rely on paperwork and manual processes. A business can only grow so far when using manual operations – and then it reaches its limits. Only when automation is introduced can processes be optimised and operations speeded up.

With automation there comes an innate improved efficiency. Automation negates time-consuming manual interventions or repetitive management approvals that could be done automatically according to certain rules. It also improves accuracy, eliminating those manual mistakes that can be so costly to a warehouse operation.

Seize the opportunity

A quality WMS – like HighJump – can scale with your business. You can add users and scale up as your business grows. Even the starting level offers a great range of functionality for receiving, stock management, picking and order fulfilment.

If you want continued, sustainable growth, then choosing a leading WMS can support that. For more information, call us on 020 8819 9071 or get in touch for a free consultation.