Korber Yard: Supply Chain Essentials

This is the fourth of our Supply Chain Essentials blog posts and this time we are looking at Korber Yard. This is an optional module that extends the functionality of the Korber suite of products.

Each of the Supply Chain Essentials modules integrates with your Korber installation and is added onto the Korber Platform and your core Korber warehousing software product. Korber Yard only integrates currently with Korber Advantage.

Korber Yard: Supply Chain Advantage Module

Korber Yard is a dock management application that helps a warehouse to maximise the flow of stock – when it arrives at your doors, while it’s in your warehouse, and when it leaves again. It provides real-time information about your vans and lorries, trailers, drivers, materials and stock. RFID location tracking tells you the precise location of trailers and other equipment, ensuring security and giving you visibility over your operation.

Korber Yard: Features

Korber Yard has these features:

  • Graphical yard management
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Real-time visibility
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Dynamic appointment scheduling

The Benefits of Korber Yard

Korber Yard has real-time location tracking, meaning you always know where your equipment is. This eliminates time-consuming searches for misplaced trailers, saving operatives’ and managers’ time. It also gives an enhanced level of security within the organisation, as you can track your expensive equipment.

Having this real-time visibility improves decision-making, as managers can act on accurate, up-to-date information. Cross-docking opportunities can be maximised too, as you can always see the availability of docking terminals. What’s more, you can easily manage multiple yards, giving superior management of your facilities.

Knowing what stock you have reduces shrinkage and spoilage, avoiding costly errors. It also minimises backorders and out-of-stock situations, allowing accurate and timely customer order fulfilment.

Finally, Korber Yard’s dynamic appointment scheduling capabilities will streamline your dock assignments, eliminate double booking of docks and allow real-time visibility which means you can react to last-minute changes.

The Applications of Korber Yard

Korber Yard is good for managing larger warehouses – or multiple sites – which have numerous docks and busy inbound and outbound operations. It doesn’t depend on what you sell. You could be an online retailer with thousands of SKUs, or a distributor of building materials like timber or stone. But, if you are busy with deliveries and collections, then Korber Yard gives you complete visibility and accurate tracking that will automate and streamline your workflows, for smooth warehouse operations.