Schedule Advantage Supply Chain Essentials

HighJump Schedule: Supply Chain Essentials

This is the third in a series of Supply Chain Essentials blog posts. This time we look at the HighJump Schedule module, an optional module that extends the functionality of the HighJump suite of products.

Each of the Supply Chain Essentials modules integrates with your HighJump installation and is added onto the HighJump Platform and your core HighJump warehousing software product.

HighJump Schedule: Supply Chain Advantage Module

HighJump Schedule is appointment scheduling and calendar software for the warehouse. Instead of using a whiteboard or spreadsheet, a manager can schedule an inbound delivery or an outbound collection inside the application.

It’s especially beneficial for warehouses managing multiple doors, as it makes it quick and easy to arrange drops and pickups, and to see at a glance what is happening when. For example, if you need to use dock door 3 between 2.00 and 4.00 to unload Purchase Order number XYZ123, then this can be scheduled in so that particular door cannot be used for anything else at that time.

HighJump Schedule: Features

HighJump Schedule is an automated appointment and calendaring app for the warehouse with these features:

  • Automated appointment setting and scheduling
  • Customisable business rules for each facility and door
  • Set up numerous buildings, doors, rules, time frames and reservations
  • Internally and externally shareable calendar
  • Available standalone or as a fully integrated component of HighJump WMS software
  • Status changes are stamped for later tracking and tracing validation or for analytical purposes
  • Define alerts that can deliver emails, text messages or dashboard notices when appointments are late, or have reached a specific status
  • The web-based system is accessible from any browser

The Benefits of HighJump Schedule

HighJump Schedule helps optimise inbound and outbound traffic, bringing increased speed and efficiency to your warehouse logistics processes.

It improves efficiency by saving both time and labour. It’s estimated that scheduling a warehouse drop or collection appointment usually takes around 20 minutes. Multiply that by several appointments per door per day, and that soon adds up to a substantial chunk of the day spent planning appointments. With HighJump Schedule though, the process is smooth and rapid. And the centralised scheduling function saves laborious manual checking and arranging appointments, and is visible across your business.

HighJump Schedule improves throughput in the warehouse. Congestion at your docks and loading bays can be minimised by consistently applying scheduling rules. This results in reduced wait times for inbound receipts and for outbound deliveries. Of course, you want your own carriers to run at optimum speeds, but it’s great for supplier relationships too when your carriers are no longer spending more time waiting for access to one of your door than they will in unloading their lorry.

With access to historical data, the warehouse manager can analyse historical trends and can predict future workforce requirements. HighJump Schedule stamps each status change with the time, data and individual who made it, to provide you with a wealth of information to derive performance metrics on carriers, customers, and suppliers.

With access from any browser, HighJump Schedule gives visibility from anywhere and at any time. And open visibility brings greater accountability to your operation too.

The Applications of HighJump Schedule

HighJump Schedule is applicable in all warehouse situations. It’s particularly apt where a business has multiple warehouses or many doors, and where there are a lot of deliveries or outbound shipments. This could describe a consumer or B2B ecommerce business, for example, where goods from hundreds of different brands are stocked and sold. Equally, companies that sell to many hundreds or thousands of customers per day will require frequent carrier collections. These sorts of operations will benefit from attentive scheduling and using HighJump Schedule’s will bring a greater efficiency to the operation.