HighJump Image: Supply Chain Essentials

HighJump Image: Supply Chain Essentials

Supply Chain Essentials is a portfolio of optional applications that extends the functionality of the HighJump suite of products. This is the first in a series of Supply Chain Essentials blog posts that looks at a number of them in more detail.

The Supply Chain Essentials modules integrate with your HighJump installation. They are added onto the HighJump Platform and your core HighJump warehousing software product.

HighJump Image: Supply Chain Advantage Module

The HighJump Image app is an image capturing solution. It processes and archives digital images of your electronic forms and other documents. HighJump Image converts documents and forms on paper into digital images that are searchable. This document management system adds a level of security for your documents, and avoids them being misfiled or accidentally destroyed.

HighJump Image: Features

HighJump Image is an integrated document imaging application that:

  • Allows you to upload, store, track and retrieve documents
  • Uses metadata to quickly and easily find your documents
  • Uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for an automated, paperless system
  • Automatically creates and link PDFs of documents
  • Integrates with HighJump Report

The Benefits of HighJump Image

HighJump Image saves you time from not having to manually search for documents. There’s no need to leaf through hundreds of paper files looking for what you need when you can search for and retrieve what you want almost instantaneously. And because your documents are linked directly to the system you’re using, you can retrieve and use them with one click access.

Electronic filing of documents also means that they can be accessed at any time and from any place. You don’t need physical access to a filing cabinet or document store to find them. You could be on the warehouse floor, accessing your software on a mobile device. Or you could be meeting with a client at their offices, able to access your key documents with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger at any time of the day.

HighJump Image associates documents with orders, receipts, invoices or other records in your systems. That way, if you’re looking up a supplier or a client, you have easy access to all the relevant documentation that you may need.

Your documents won’t get misfiled or damaged – like can happen with physical documents – so you can be certain to always be able to find them. And instead of having your warehouse drowning in a sea of bills of lading or delivery notes, these documents can be quickly scanned and stored for easy and rapid retrieval later on.

The Applications of HighJump Image

HighJump Image is particularly useful for operations that need to process documents on behalf of other retailers, for example, Amazon or Wayfair. Receiving documents electronically speeds up the process and ensures that the third party’s correct documentation is used.

HighJump Image can associate the document scans to specific products or orders and these can then be called during workflows. So for food and drinks distributors, it helps with receiving, tracking and sending proof for validating the food chain. Similarly, in pharmaceutical applications, tracking and tracing medications is a vital process and HighJump Image can help with authentication requirements.