Warehouse Advantage tier 1 WMS

HighJump Warehouse Advantage: Tier 1 WMS

HighJump Warehouse Advantage is a tier 1 warehouse management system (WMS). It is the most sophisticated of the HighJump WMS systems, with advanced functionality for the most complex of warehousing systems needs.

Balloon One’s Three Tier WMS Approach

Balloon One offers three WMS products, one for each of the three tiers into which we classify the industry.

The first tier is for businesses running small scale warehousing operations. The Warehouse Core product is a cloud-based system, with fixed processes, aimed at smaller companies with up to 10 users.

The mid-level tier is for SMEs and the Warehouse Edge system is cloud-based or installed on-premise. The processes are configurable to fit complex business requirements. The solution is best for companies with 10-50 users.

At the top end, the tier 1 Warehouse Advantage is for enterprise companies. It can also be used in the cloud or deployed on premise, but the processes are fully customisable. It is aimed at companies with 50 or more users.

Balloon One's three WMS tiers
Balloon One’s three WMS tiers

Who is HighJump Warehouse Advantage For?

HighJump Warehouse Advantage is specifically designed for large enterprise companies with often complex warehousing situations. As evolving businesses, they require a sophisticated solution.

They are typically wholesale distribution companies, ecommerce operations, manufacturers or third party logistics providers. They usually have more than 50 systems users and require customised processes within the system.

With dynamic supply chains, these businesses will often require very complicated configurability and a deployment at scale. For that reason, the installation is almost invariably supported by an in-house IT resource.

The HighJump Warehouse Advantage Approach

HighJump Advantage deploys core functionality straight out of the box. It provides robust core functionality based on industry best practices. But the core of HighJump’s philosophy is adaptability, and to meet the different needs of various companies, it is also highly configurable.

A distributor’s business processes create differentiation in its supply chain. Eighty percent of those processes are predicated on “best practices” and are comprehensively covered by the core capabilities of HighJump Warehouse Advantage. The other 20 percent are what provide the competitive differentiation, and it’s here that the adaptability and configurability of HighJump Warehouse Advantage is key.

When it comes to configuration, HighJump empowers its customers to make their own customisations. The same tools used to develop the product are provided to end users so that they can make their own changes.

The system is easy to learn. The adaptability tools are specifically designed to allow for the creation of HighJump applications, allowing distributors to focus on creating solutions without having to worry about the kind of software development that is required with traditional development languages. There is even a HighJump University that provides classroom training and e-learning.

HighJump Warehouse Advantage benefits from its inherent system development life cycle, with in-built tools such as change control, revision history, tracking of changes by project and the creation and promotion of packages.

So with highJump Warehouse Advantage, enterprises don’t have to model themselves around the software. It has no such limitations, and instead supports a company’s business growth and evolution. Modelling the software around the business processes and the unique needs of the business like this gives a company true ownership of their software.

HighJump Advantage Users – UK and globally

Worldwide, HighJump and its partners have dozens of high-profile customers, including global brands like DHL, Wayfair, Hyundai, Honda and Dollar Shave Club.

In the UK, well-known customers such as Clarks (shoes), Wolseley (boilers and plumbing), Sports Direct (clothing and sporting goods) all trust HighJump Advantage as their warehouse solution.

If you would like to know more about HighJump Warehouse Advantage – or any of the other tiers of WMS products – call us on 020 8819 9071 or get in touch for a demonstration.