HighJump Warehouse Edge for retail

HighJump Warehouse Edge for Retail

Retailers have challenging supply chain constraints. Regardless of what goods they sell, retailers need to deliver an omnichannel experience for today’s more expectant customers, who will spend their money in those outlets where they can get what they want, where they want, and when they want.

To meet these exacting requirements, while still making a healthy profit, retailers must manage the entire supply chain and distribution process as effectively as possible. And warehouse management system (WMS) HighJump Warehouse Edge is perfect for the job, delivering real-time visibility and supreme supply chain functionality to the entire retail operation – from receipt, via the warehouse, to the store shelves (or website product pages), to customer delivery and goods replenishment.

Benefits of HighJump Warehouse Edge for retail

HighJump Warehouse Edge has a number of benefits for retailers:


HighJump Warehouse Edge is fully configurable to the individual needs of a retailer. With unrivalled flexibility, the system provides all the tools needed to set up a variety of fulfilment methods – whether that’s for warehouses, in-store, or online – or a mix of many different types.

Accurate stock management

Accurate stock counts can be maintained at each warehouse or fulfilment centre. In addition, the retailer has full visibility of all goods that are in transit and when they will be received.


HighJump Warehouse Edge integrates effortlessly with in-store point of sale (POS), visual merchandising planograms, ERP and order management systems.

The Retail and Omnichannel Capabilities of HighJump Warehouse Edge

HighJump Warehouse Edge has a wealth of functionality that is ideal for retail and omnichannel environments:

  • There is a single aggregate of stock for each product line, to which each sales channel has access. Prioritisation rules can be configured according to which channels should be able to fulfil orders first.
  • Store stock accuracy is maintained via cycle counting and inventory adjustment control.
  • The system can handle special fulfilment requirements, including temperature control to keep for in-store groceries fresh, or image displays so that products can easily be located.
  • For efficient workflow control and monitoring, the system provides customisable management of actions like labelling, kitting and assembly.
  • The store receipt procedure supports Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) and purchase order receiving processes.
  • Directed putaway means that stock can be stored in the most favourable locations.
  • Warehouses and fulfilment centres can manage the staging of picked and packed orders, allowing for precise and well-organised delivery to customers via in-store collection or home delivery.
  • The system automates the shipping and delivery processes, whether the retailer uses its own fleet, or international or national carriers or local couriers – or a combination of many different fulfilment methods.

If you’d like to discover how HighJump Warehouse Edge can deliver a channel-specific solution with superior flexibility that optimise your supply chain and strengthen order fulfilment, then call us on 020 8819 9071 or get in touch for a demonstration of this leading software.