HighJump Warehouse Edge release

HighJump Warehouse Edge Release

HighJump released its latest version of its WMS platform, Warehouse Edge, at the beginning of the year. The new release supports cross-device functionality and adds real-time actionable analytics data.

We already have a UK customer live on the new version of HighJump Warehouse Edge, having migrated their systems to the new release in the second week of January.

Cross-device access

Analytic data is available on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop – regardless of the browser used –  allowing staff to corrective or proactive action anywhere, whether in the warehouse, the office or on the road.

Not only can users view their analytics, but HighJump Warehouse Edge also enables them to plan and manage stock, processes and employees.

Improved user interface

Users get increased visibility of their data via an enhanced user interface that’s intuitive and fast. Its neat layout makes data easy to see and allow users to act on it with a single click.

HTML5 platform

HighJump Warehouse Edge runs on the HighJump One platform, which uses HTML5, delivering a responsive, mobile-friendly experience.

Cloud-optimised end-to-end supply chain management

To manage complex supply chain requirements, Warehouse Edge is the perfect WMS solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It manages the entire warehouse operation, including receiving, put-away, stock management, order processing, replenishment, picking, packing, loading and shipping – plus full reporting and analytics.

It’s a flexible, scalable system that has a high degree of functionality, but as it’s a cloud-based platform, total cost of ownership is kept low.

“A warehouse that used to focus on routine to achieve high levels of performance and efficiency now needs to be dynamic and respond to market pressures in almost real time,” said Sean Elliott, chief technology officer at HighJump. “HighJump designs solutions to be as accessible and actionable as possible for any warehouse environment, assuring our customers thrive and differentiate themselves from the competition.”

Whether you’re a new customer looking to find out more, or a current HighJump WMS customer looking to move to the new version, there is more information in the HighJump Warehouse Edge white paper.

HighJump Warehouse Edge

HighJump Warehouse Edge is a leading, comprehensive warehouse management solution. With real-time analytics, mobile and cross-device access, the cloud-optimised supply chain suite manages your warehouse operation from start to finish. Download the white paper to find out more about the new version of HighJump Warehouse Edge.