24/5 operational support service

New 24/5 Operational Support Service

From the New Year 2018, Balloon One will be offering a new, proactive service that will extend and protect our customers’ working capability to 24 hours, five days a week.

This new 24/5 operational support service is being offered following a successful trial run with one of our international ecommerce and retail clients, which runs its warehouse operations in overnight shifts. Like many of our customers in food and ecommerce retailing, their product, customer and order databases were growing rapidly. With vast record catalogues, this particular customer wanted the assurance that their operations would continue to run smoothly and without interruption.

Through the service, Balloon proactively optimises a company’s IT infrastructure. Analysing network systems, websites, servers, and even applications such as ERP and WMS, we can monitor your IT hardware and services and pre-emptively improve performance and advise of any impending issues. With staff proactively scrutinising your databases and recommending how to restructure, tweak or fine-tune them, we can keep your operation running 24 hours a day.

One part of the service includes a monitoring tool that oversees more than 100 different elements on a company’s servers. This checks some fundamental operational aspects, such as how much disk space is available, right through to analysing and alerting to potential shortfalls, such as bandwidth capacity constraints.

Another option that many clients take up with us is full hosting. We can manage the entire end-to-end hosting of your IT operations – including your websites, ecommerce applications and on-premise ERP and WMS software.

This new 24/5 offering is a full-featured, wraparound service that extends uptime and enhances capabilities outside of normal working hours. A company employing network and systems professionals that typically only work from eight until six can instead use our service to provide a 24-hour capability. It is perfect for UK warehousing operations that typically run their distribution centres from the early hours of a Monday morning, until last thing on a Friday night.

If your supply chain operations don’t conform to eight to six working, and you’d like to extend to a 24/5 operational support service in this way, call us on 020 8819 9071 or get in touch for a quote.

Image: Monitoring Devices with Paessler PRTG with Greg Ross from Vimeo is licensed under CC BY 2.0.