Balloon Challenge

The Balloon Challenge

Balloon Challenge Programme Delivers New Skills for Staff

At Balloon One, we take the personal development of our staff very seriously. We recognise that helping our employees to improve adds value to the business. As our staff develop and learn new skills, strategies and tactics, it makes them more proficient at their jobs and more valuable as team members. In turn, they become better equipped to deliver great service to our customers.

Our focus up until recently has very much been on the technical side of things, and in ensuring our staff are fully trained in all the software we provide.

But now, we’ve begun to address other skills too. We’ve recently launched The Balloon Challenge. It’s an employee development initiative that aims to refine some core skills.

We invited employees to apply for the challenge and have selected six to take part. Over the course of a year, the challenge participants will attend 13 sessions. These workshops, seminars and training sessions have been designed to develop key competencies. They aim to help the staff to: mentor others, be organised, be perceptive, communicate effectively, take initiative and be commercially aware.

The programme began last November, and since then, the six employees have undertaken sessions on: leadership; communication; and time management and stress. Future sessions have been planned and will cover strategy and finance, relationship management and impact and influence.

Elliot Cartwright, digital marketing assistant, said, “I’m really enjoying the sessions and have learned so much already. I am gaining new skills and knowledge each month that I am beginning to apply in my job.”

It is important for us that we grow our employees as well as our customers. We are excited to see how The Balloon Challenge participants take their new-found knowledge and pass it onto the rest of the team here.

We’ll keep you updated on their progress.