Springboard Delivery Launch

Introducing Springboard Delivery

We have just launched our first app; Springboard Delivery.

Springboard Delivery allows you to provide a paperless delivery service by recording delivery data through the app on your mobile phone. The app allows you to scan barcodes, take photographs, records notes and signatures, and uses GPS functionality to record location information. The delivery data is then synchronised to your online database, giving a real-time view of delivery information.

The Springboard Delivery app is ideal for delivery drivers who need to collect proof of delivery signatures. It is available free as a standalone, single-user version and can be used world-wide.

Features and Benefits

The app is extremely simple and doesn’t require any training. There are only four steps to carry out at the point of delivery: sign in to the app (if not already done), tap “new delivery”, scan or type in the product’s bar code, and finally add the delivery details. Additionally, a signatures, (recorded via the phone’s touchscreen), a photo and a capture of the GPS location from the phone can be added. Date and time are also automatically captured.

A record is created that can be viewed at a later stage. With the capture of location information, a signature and even a photo, Springboard Delivery provides proof of delivery and reduces delivery queries. In turn, this speeds up a company’s ability to invoice, thereby increasing cash flow. It also helps where recipients fraudulently claim not to have received a delivery. The delivery proof means that companies won’t lose money to crime.

For users that want to maximise the benefits of the app, it can be integrated into existing ERP software. The beauty with using it in conjunction with ERP software is the synchronisation with your systems. Ultimately, allowing you to see real-time information about your deliveries, and to report on them too.But for those not wanting to integrate, the app was designed to work equally well as a standalone product.

Available now on Google Play

The app and a single-user licence is free. For companies wanting more than a single user, an enterprise licence is available. The enterprise license allows for multiple users to input delivery records into the same database. There is no requirement to have an ERP system, but Balloon One can provide ERP integration.

The app is currently only available for Android devices, but an iOS version will be available next year. You can download the app from the Google Play store


If you’d like more information on integration with your ERP system, or a free demonstration of how Springboard Delivery works in conjunction with your ERP system, please call us on 020 8819 9071 or contact us using the website form.