New Employees 2016

We’ve been busy expanding the team at Balloon One over the past year. Here’s an introduction to some of our new employees.


Gabor Remenyi joined us in March as a Development Consultant. He has recently managed the creation of our new Springboard Delivery app that is launching very soon.

Albert Ritter started with us in September as a Development Consultant. He is managing the creation of a new in-house software test environment.

John Burgess joined the development team in December as Springboard Product Manager. He is responsible for driving our Springboard Applications roadmap.


Stewart Charles and Steven Adam started as Accellos Consultants in June. They each manage and assist in the implementation of Accellos WMS for our customers.

Sales and Marketing

Elliot Cartwright started with Balloon in June as a Marketing Coordinator and Jadi Ann-Bent joined in October as a Sales Consultant. They are tasked with providing potential customers with relevant content and advice about Balloon One’s software solutions.


Finally, Adrian Netto joins the support team at the end of January to assist customers with the day to day management of their solutions.

We look forward to the continued growth of Balloon One over the coming year.