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Future Ecommerce Will Take Place in the Cloud

A study from Forrester Consulting, commissioned by NetSuite, shows that future ecommerce will take place in the cloud. Integrated ecommerce solutions, such as the use of cloud solutions, bring major benefits for midmarket companies.

The key takeaways from the report are:

  • Business- to business buying is moving online.
    • Notably 72% of respondents said that more than a quarter of their B2B sales were made online.
  • Customers are demanding B2B online solutions and sellers are responding.
    • For instance 59% of sellers have made ecommerce a priority this year.
  • A unified ecommerce solution brings improved customer satisfaction.
    • Correspondingly customer acquisition, upselling and cross-selling, profitability and satisfaction rates are all higher where unified solutions are used. (Compared with sellers using standalone, “best of breed” systems).

Key metrics from the report are shown in the infographic below:

B2B Ecommerce Midmarket Infographic2

The full study gives further information, click here or tap on the image to download the report.

B2B eCommerce Cloud download pdf

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