Netalogue B2B e-commerce software

Get a B2B E-commerce Website in Just Four Months

]Yesterday, we held an e-commerce session at our offices in West London, for our customers using SAP Business One. The aim was to provide them with information and options to help them to implement B2B e-commerce.

We showed the B2B e-commerce solution, Netalogue, and in particular we were introducing the Lite version, which can be fully customised, deployed and live and ready to take orders in as little as four months.

Many companies run e-commerce solutions such as Magento. These are traditionally more suited to B2C operations. The Netalogue platform has all of the B2C features you’d normally expect from an e-commerce solution, but about 80% of the features are additional features specific for running a B2B e-commerce operation. It also fully integrates with SAP Business One.

Netalogue B2B e-commerce softwareNetalogue Lite has more than 200 configurable functions, and can be enhanced by adding further packs if necessary. These include a customer self-service pack, an advanced e-commerce pack, an e-procurement pack, a marketing pack, and a buyer portal pack, amongst others.

Netalogue is B2B e-commerce software that a company will never outgrow. There is a software roadmap and quarterly updates, which are fully included in annual maintenance costs. There are continual enhancements and upgrades made to the product, and they’re all available as they are implemented.

Netalogue is mainly used by manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. It provides B2B companies with websites that look and feel like B2C sites, but with the functionality required for a B2B operation. For example, B2B is more about the speed of ordering, so there are typically fewer banners and adverts, allowing the customers to get straight down to ordering. Of course, the Netalogue platform allows for the addition of advertising and marketing banners if a company wants to add them in. Marketing options within the system allow you to add banners on pages and you can also use HTML to edit pages in any way you want. You can even add advertising into menus, with context sensitive banners, for example.

In an installation, Balloon One undertakes the support for both Netalogue and SAP Business One, as well as the integration between the two. So there is a single point of contact for our customers when they need support or help with the software.

Netalogue also allows for global e-commerce, with multiple languages, including Cyrillic and symbol-based, and multiple currencies; even user-selected pricing is available.

There are more than 200 configurable features in the platform, many of which are unique and all of which are highly relevant to a business with growth plans.

Netalogue B2B e-commerce group

The platform is flexible for many types of business. It can be run as a fully public site, or can be set to only be available on login. Or, as some companies prefer, it can be set so that products and full descriptions can be viewed, but so that prices are only available once logged in.

Netalogue has been designed for non-technical use; for marketing departments to run rather than the IT department having to manage it. It is a content management system (CMS), which allows for easy creation and publication of pages.

From a user’s point of view, the interface has a very B2C approach. There is predictive searching, product filtering and categories. Account management and order history functionality is also available, meaning a user can manage their own account, resulting in fewer calls to customer service.

Netalogue links in with payment gateways, such as World Pay and Sage Pay for credit card payment, and also PayPal. Customers can make BACS payments too and of course there’s the option for on account payments, with normal invoicing process handled through SAP Business One.

One of the best features is that a company can set up different tiers of customer types and can allocate them different functionality or views. They can also set parameters separately for individual customers, for example, allocating a certain price list, setting carriage types or delivery methods.

For £1,250 a month, billed annually in advance, a customer gets the software licence, full support and maintenance, Springboard integration (Balloon’s bespoke integration into SAP Business One), the interface, hosting, and 6 days’ consulting for a set-up involving standard templates. The price also includes ongoing updates and upgrades.

For more information please call us on 020 8819 9071 or contact us using the website form.