SAP Business One version 9.2

SAP Business One version 9.2

With the imminent release of a new update for SAP Business One software comes a number of powerful new features that allow you to run your business simply; anytime, anywhere.

The new release, SAP Business One version 9.2 accelerates transition to the cloud and extends SAP Business One with new business processes. But it remains simple and easier and more cost-effective to use than ever before.

These are the highlights of SAP Business One version 9.2:

• Improvements and enhancements to administration and financial management
• A new module: project management
• Updates to sales, purchasing and service
• Version 9.2 for HANA includes new powerful business tools for improved business intelligence
• 9.2 rounds out the business processes under inventory and distribution, and MRP and production
• Simplifies and optimises lifecycle management
• Browser access gives simple, remote access for on-premise customers

For more detailed information on the enhancements that come with release 9.2, please view this video:

SAP Business One offers an affordable way to manage the operations of an entire business. It allows companies to streamline processes, act on up-to-date business intelligence and ultimately to drive profitable growth. It is flexible, so can fit any small or medium-sized business and can be deployed on your own premises, or you can access it in the cloud, via desktop and laptop computers, or with the mobile app.

The features of SAP Business One version 9.2 only extend and enhance the software even more. If you would like to upgrade your version of SAP Business One to the latest version and take advantage of these enhancements, or if you would like to find out more about implementing SAP Business One, please call us on 020 8819 9071 or contact us using the website form.