SAP Business One – Administration and Reporting

Human resources management

The administration and reporting features within SAP Business One, allow you to capture pertinent information about each employee so you have one place to maintain and manage your employee records and data.


Automatic alerts

Define your own alerts and unique workflow processes by establishing approvals, procedures, and steps that are to be automatically initiated when a specific event occurs.


Dashboards and reports

Create intuitive reports and dashboards for every aspect of your business, including customers and suppliers, sales, cash flow, bookkeeping, warehouse stock, financial statements, pricing, and customer activities.


Drag and relate

View important relationships between data – and instantly gain a complete understanding of any business transaction – by dragging the data you want more information on, positioning it on top of other data, and then drilling down for more details.


Customisation and integration

Enable users to easily add fields, change forms, and personalise queries and reports. A standard software development kit (SDK) consisting of reusable business objects and user interface customization tools is available to customize and integrate SAP Business One to meet your specific industry and business needs.

Usability Features

This video demonstrates the usability features that are available in SAP Business One.

The Cockpits

This video demonstrates the cockpit experience that is available in SAP Business One.

Analytics Features

This video demonstrates the out of the box analytics available within SAP Business One.


This video demonstrates the integration possibilities available within SAP Business One.