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NetSuite Lite WMS is a robust and scalable warehouse management solution native to the NetSuite platform. With industryleading features such as mobile RF barcode scanning, wave planning, cartonization, kitting, space management and more. NetSuite Lite WMS increases efficiency, improves operational excellence and lowers costs for warehouses.

Lower Your Distribution Costs. Improve your margins through space savings, cycle count reduction and lower labor costs.


Increase Customer Satisfaction. Win big by increasing your order fill rates and fulfillment accuracy while reducing shipping errors.


Improve Operational Excellence. Deliver on time and turn your inventory faster while reducing obsolescence and write-offs.


Download the NetSuite Lite WMS Brochure here ›

NetSuite Lite WMS offers advanced functionality that streamlines your warehouse operations and ties seamlessly into the core of NetSuite’s business management platform.


NetSuite Lite WMS takes warehouse management to the next level for companies around the globe. Contact us today to discover more about how Warehouse Management Systems can work for your business.

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Need advanced WMS functionality?

HighJump WMS is a certified Integrated SuiteApp providing advanced warehouse management functionality for wholesale distribution and manufacturing companies. Balloon One is the largest HighJump partner in Europe, with over 80 reference sites globally. Download the HighJump for NetSuite Brochure below.

Balloon NetSuite Services

It can be confusing putting together a functional specification. What do you need? What do you not need? Many technology consultants will offer to write a functional spec for you, but at a cost of sometimes tens of thousands of pounds. That specification or invitation to tender (ITT) can instead be put together for you by a consultancy with a meticulous understanding of technology scoping.


We will fully explore your operations and requirements, deciding which technology aspects you should implement.


The resulting functional spec or scoping document will not only have saved you considerable time, but thanks to our significant experience and expertise, it will also save you thousands.

We will take your chosen NetSuite setup and customise it to your individual needs, configuring all aspects according to your requirements.


The implementation of your functional specification includes software development, configuration, report writing and data migration. You may choose to take ownership of some of these tasks, such as report writing. But we can provide services to help and assist with this and any other customisation and configuration you need.

During and after implementation, your users will need training so that they can be ready to use their new software immediately. You will also want them to be well-versed in all aspects of the software; there’s no point in implementing sophisticated new functionality if they don’t know how to use it.


Our trainers will design and deliver bespoke courses for your staff. Or we can train a number of superusers – in “train the trainer” sessions – who can in turn train your end users.


It is often useful to revisit training once the system has gone live and when users are more familiar with certain elements of the solution but can also benefit from more enhanced capabilities.

Our UK based support and maintenance services are essentially a reactive provision. We run a well-staffed support desk that provides support via a portal, phone, and email. We can respond to enquiries about your software and you can log tickets if you have issues that you need us to investigate and solve.

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