Supply Chain Consultants

What if you could build transport, inventory and location strategies around your customer service goals? How much more profitable would your company be if you could effectively manage your supply chain so that you have a strong competitive advantage?


Balloon One’s supply chain strategy consultants deliver best practice and innovative thinking that drive significant improvements in your organisational supply chain management.


Our analysis and strategic input will help you to implement effective processes that support your business goals and maximise the efficiency of your supply chain.

Whether you’ve outgrown your warehouse or are expanding into new territories, our modelling services analyse your logistics network and output scenarios that optimise the design of your distribution network. The analysis also models the associated costs, determining the best options for the location of your warehouse and depots.


Using our algorithm-based tools, our consultants apply your key metrics – such as delivery targets, customer service levels, and number of distribution centres – to model the optimal logistics network for you that will balance supply and demand and keep you in control of your costs.

Location analysis assesses the cost-effectiveness of your existing or proposed distribution centres.


Using cost-based centre of gravity analysis, our analysts will evaluate costs for a single warehouse or for multiple regional locations.


These quantitive methods provide you with recommendations of where to locate or centralise your distribution outlets in consideration of your markets, good volumes, shipping costs and according to your drop base.

Using volumetrics, we undertake facility sizing for your entire distribution network as well as carrying out capacity assessments for your individual warehouses.


Not only do we advise on how large your facilities need to be, but also how much capital you will have tied up in your stock. We use a methodical approach that is supported by an assessment of your stock requirements and warehouse throughput.

By analysing supply chain drivers and metrics, we strive to align your supply chain strategy with your business strategy.


By prioritising your supply chain metrics, you can ensure that your supply chain is optimised to achieve your business goals. Our consultation assesses what impact your business strategy has on your supply chain and provides recommended adjustments that ensure your business objectives and supply chain management are in alignment.


For example, if as a distributor you are looking to open an ecommerce channel, we can tell you what effect this will have on your supply chain, and make recommendations so that you can prevent and address any negative impact.

With an environmental impact assessment, we analyse how your supply chain is impacting the environment.


Looking at waste factors, packaging, fuel consumption, emissions, air pollution, noise and sustainability, we assess the significance and effects of the components of your existing and proposed supply chain.


You already have obligations to meet legal requirements and targets, but you may also be looking to pursue initiatives to address the environmental impacts of your supply chain. We can measure your ecological impact and recommend ways that you can reduce it.

Understanding risk within the supply chain is crucial to any distributor to ensure supply chain resilience. We can identify real and potential points of failure that could pose a threat to your operations.


Identifying risks includes looking at your suppliers and assessing their robustness and ability to meet promised delivery times. We examine and identify risks all along your supply chain, including your manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and delivery partners.


With risks identified, you can then better manage stock, identify where alternative sourcing arrangements might be needed or consider your delivery options. In this way, you can mitigate the risks, eliminate deficiencies and reduce your company’s exposure to possible points of failure.

With more and more distributors looking to international sales to bolster their profits, your export strategy could be key to your business success.


Should you set up a distribution centre? Find a partner? Go into business with a sales agent? All of these and many more possibilities need to be thoroughly examined and the costs quantified before decisions can be made.


Assessing the value of exporting means weighing up the potential revenue gains versus the associated costs.


We can also advise you on how to get started with exporting, recommending the most relevant strategy, whether that be to start small at first, targeting perhaps just one overseas market and then scaling up or to sell more indiscriminately across many markets.

Customer Success

Camlab has experience benefits across their business through the implementation of an integrated ERP and Warehouse Management system.

The laboratory equipment supplier has been working with Balloon One since 2007, after implementing SAP Business One with Accellos One (now HighJump Warehouse Edge).



  • Business systems integration
  • International system transparency
  • Supply chain alignment and collaboration


  • Market & product development
  • Organisational diversification
  • Mergers and acquisitions


  • Non- traditional markets
  • Organisational agility
  • Digital disruption


  • Reduce outdated system dependence
  • Foresee process faults and errors

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