Wholesale Distribution Solutions

Wholesale distribution

Leaders in the wholesale distribution industry know that efficient inventory management and order fulfilment operations are crucial for success. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large company with a wide range of goods or a small distributor with speciality products – stock control and quick turnaround times are key.


Disparate solutions and paper-based processes can no longer be sustained in this industry. It slows sales processing times and is susceptible to man-made errors. Rather, today’s wholesale distribution companies can bring in the most profit by automating their inventory planning, deployment and data management processes. The right ERP solution can help achieve this as it brings everything together in one centralised database.


By offering tailored solutions, we’ve helped wholesale distributors like Ironmongery Direct track and optimise inventory throughout the entire sales and distribution network.

IT Solutions for wholesale distribution

We offer a range of IT solutions for the wholesale distribution sector.

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Wholesale Distribution Solution Benefits

We’ve also helped a number of our customers to benefit from – and enhance – key business processes, including:


  • Strong forecasting: an integrated system reduces human errors while increasing visibility of sales and stock data, enabling better and faster business decisions.
  • Accuracy of stock: access to live stock data means better control over stock movements and leads to faster order processing.
  • Traceable deliveries: our solutions integrate with Metapack, which selects the best carrier for products, and enables tight control over deliveries. This makes tracking easier for both the company and its customers.
  • Productivity reporting: increase employee effectiveness in the warehouse by analysing in-depth reports, highlighting peak productivity times and reducing inefficiencies.



Many wholesale distributors still rely on paper-based picking operations, which hinder communication and processes between the sales office and warehouse. We focus on changing that for our wholesale distribution customers, and help them benefit from efficient inventory management and quicker turnaround times.

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