Manufacturing Industry Solutions


There’s a huge opportunity for growth in the manufacturing industry. Today, customers are leaning towards personalised and niche products. This means companies flexible enough to respond with high value, low volume goods have the potential to build a profitable, sustainable business in a market that’s still on the rise.


Responding to customer demand lends itself to a complex supply chain. Highly-configurable goods require custom solutions and visibility of data that extends out to the shop floor collection terminals. We help our customers achieve this by offering solutions tailored to the needs of their business and the goods they manufacture.

IT Solutions for Manufacturing

We offer a range of IT solutions for the manufacturing sector.

SAP Business One

Manufacturing ERP Solution Benefits

The right manufacturing ERP solution can improve inventory and sales accuracy, by offering:


  • Real-time data: a single, integrated manufacturing industry solution provides business critical information – such as stock count and movement – in real-time, ensuring better customer service and quicker turnaround times.
  • Accurate costing: with greater visibility across sales orders, operations and stock data, manufacturers can ensure accurate, on-the-spot costing.
  • CAD integration: manufacturing industry solutions allow real-time integration between CAD software and our solutions, enabling perfect synchronisation of data between systems.



One centralised system can offer a vast range of benefits for manufacturers dealing with niche products and a complex supply chain. Our customers, including GoPak, are already experiencing the benefits of this. They’re performing much better operationally by running their business without paper, and making better decisions based on a clearer view of their data.

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