Success Speaks For Itself

These case studies reflect the returns that our customers have achieved through the implementation of our solutions. From cost reduction to increased order volumes, from profitability rises to better utilisation of head count, our case studies highlight how Balloon One‘s supply chain solutions can help to improve your business performance.

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Customer Thermometer

To ensure that we are meeting all of our customers expectations, we run a service to constantly measure how satisfied our customers are with our service.


It gives real-time feedback that we can respond to immediately in order to constantly improve and to deliver optimum levels of service to our customers. We continually focus on improving these scores, and haven’t had a quarter yet where the approval rating has decreased.


These are the current results, showing the last 100 responses to our survey.

[counter type=”random” box=”no” position=”center” separator=”yes” digit=”154″ text=”Customers Surveyed (Apr- June 2019)”][counter type=”random” box=”no” position=”center” separator=”yes” digit=”28%” text=”Response Rate (Apr- June 2019)”]


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